1. A. Job Summary:

The title for this position will be Warehouse Manager. Reporting to the Plant Manager, the Warehouse Manager will be responsible for managing all warehouse activities, including but not limited to manpower allocation, cycle counts, inventory rotation, stock location and consolidation, and shipping & receiving operations. Supervises, assigns and coordinates the activities of warehouse employees. Strong interface with upper management staff with the capability to define, develop and meet operational project schedule timeframes. Ensures all raw materials are staged and accounted for in production. Plans and monitors progress against schedules, resident on floor to resolve and take appropriate actions to meet projected schedule demands. Manages to metrics including staffing, overtime budgets, project schedules, outsourcing, as required.

  1. B. Scope of Responsibilities & Duties

The Warehouse Manager must be a self-motivated, action-oriented executor that creates various effective strategies and plans for managing all activities and operations of warehouse. This role is responsible for assigning the task to employees as per their designation. This person is responsible for managing inventory so that he can analyze daily shipments of inbound/outbound goods from the warehouse as well as the raw materials needed for production. Additionally the Warehouse Manager will be responsible for meeting their Minimum Job Requirements as outlined in Section C herein.

C. Minimum Job Requirements

  1. 1. Management of Warehouse Personnel (Shipping Associate, Receiving Associate and Warehouse Associate.)
    1. a. Hire, train, and discipline warehouse personnel as needed. Serves as a coach and mentor to assigned personnel to help that person learn, grow and become more knowledgeable.
    2. b. Delegate work assignments for warehouse team members in a daily team briefing each day to help achieve desired results (inventory accuracy, on-time & complete shipments, organized warehouse, safety, etc.)
    3. c. Review performance results with team and look a week ahead in weekly team meetings
    4. d. Oversee team’s required cycle counts and lead team through identifying & correcting issues as they arise.
    5. e. Ensure all necessary transactions are recorded timely and accurately
    6. f. Ensure inventory is segregated into pre-assigned areas & that all inbound/outbound shipments are being processed properly by team members
    7. g. Works with upper management in developing and monitoring manpower effectiveness within the warehouse environment to ensure the company is operating at the lowest possible cost.
    8. h. Works with the Quality Assurance Manager to insure all required warehouse sanitation protocols are completed as scheduled.
    9. i. Works with Quality Assurance Manager to ensure all storage of material is done properly according to proper food safety practices.
    10. j. Works with purchasing to ensure all inventory is accurate for the weeks production.
    11. k. Monitor and maintain all warehouse equipment, racking, dock levels and additional building issues.
    12. l. Oversees the spice room to ensure all product is batched properly for the following day.

    2. Assist in Warehouse Activities

  2. a. Assist team leaders with Shipping, Receiving, Staging and Warehouse as needed
  3. b. Perform at least 2 random cycle counts for each team member’s respective area each week