Manufacturing Electrician - compensation based in experience

Job Duties:

· Moves, removes or installs electrical circuits and motors.

· “Troubleshoots” and make repairs or corrections on motors, switches, switch panels, fuse boxes, lighting, heat or power circuits and junction boxes.

· “Troubleshoots” and repair PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) (ABB)

· Installs, connects, and adjusts electrical gauges and recording instruments.

· Repairs ignition and electrical systems of automotive equipment.

· Assist other Electricians or Maintenance Mechanics in tearing down electrical motors and reassembling motors.

· Must be able to read and understand blueprints and circuit diagrams.

· Welding, including Heliarc and Stainless Steel

· Performs or directs the maintenance and repairs of all electrical wiring and variable drives, installation of motors, switches, switch panels, fuse boxes, lighting, PLC, testing and power circuits.