At Teasdale Latin Foods, our tag line is Simply Especial.

How does simplicity translate to excellence? By putting just the right amount of care into each and every product, and just the right number of ingredients, too. Because quality shouldn’t be complicated. It’s simply the taste of Teasdale.

When it comes to our people, we hang our hats on being many different things.

We are proud of our heritage.

We are multi-cultural and multi-generational.

We are obsessed with quality.

We value teamwork.

We are respectful, and we hold ourselves accountable.

We have integrity.

We are leaders.

We are Latin food.

We believe in finding the right people for the right roles, helping them to build careers. That's where you come in.

Job Description

Title: Warehouse Forklift Operator Reports to: Warehouse Manager

Primary Areas of Responsibility

1) Coordinate weekly inventories and provide counts and dates to Purchasing to assure that all raw and packaging materials are maintained and on hand for production needs

2) Perform weekly/daily physical inventories for raw and packaging materials

3) Monitor lot codes of all raw and packaging materials

4) Research any discrepancies found during inventories

5) Unload trucks and put away raw and packaging materials

6) Monitor a FIFO rotation for all raw materials

7) Assist Production in all of their raw and packaging materials

8) Comply and assist with any request given by management, if they are within the company rules and are not a safety violation

Are you passionate about baking, learning to make a product from start to finish with a fun diverse team? Then get ready to experience the fascinating world of tortilla making. Come join us at Teasdale Latin Foods. Let’s Taco bout it!